Tips & Tricks for Buying Jewelry Online

Tips & Tricks for Buying Jewelry Online

Not many people go to jewelry stores to spend hours trying to find the perfect necklace and ring. Gone are those days, now more people are doing their shopping online because it is much more convenient. The internet has revolutionised the way people shop, now you can do it with a simple point and click. People prefer making purchases online because it is enjoyable and has numeral benefits.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you through the whole purchasing process

Always compare the prices on different stores

This is obviously one of the main factors when you are purchasing the jewelry both online and in physical stores. Shopping online is great because it helps you keep a tab on the price of the jewelry. To be ahead of the stores, you should ensure you check multiple stores for different prices.  By doing this, you become less impulsive and also ensure you do not spend more money than you can afford.  Comparing ensures you get the best value of your money.

Check out for the online reviews

While shopping online has major benefits, you are also faces with multiple disadvantages. Many people are out to scam you and make profits out of your purchase, and you want to avoid this at all cost. The positive thing about this is that there is plenty of information about the store and previous purchases made if you know where to look. Ensure you check out the ratings, reviews, information and expert knowledge on the purchases made online. It makes it easier for you to purchase legitimate pieces at a convenient price.

How will you check on the quality of the jewelry?

The hardest thing about online shopping is that you do not get to check the quality of the pieces first hand. To ensure you are getting legitimate pieces, you need to purchase form trusted online stores.  The website should be secure to keep all your information safe and they should have an upfront update of the product information. The online website should have contact of jewellery experts who you can talk to about certain pieces in the shops.

The payments

While there are a variety of payment options, you need to be careful when you are making payments on certain websites. Once you are sure the website is secure, you can make the payments without having to worry about your information being stolen.

Other things to watch out for include –

The specifications- ensure the diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones are certified to ensure that they are actually real.

Check the return policy-  there is no guarantee that you will be satisfied with the piece of jewelry you receive from the online store, which is why you should always check the return policy to ensure you can return or get some sort of refund to be safe.

The shipment- you might be looking to purchase a piece of jewelry from an international store, which is way riskier.  Make sure the items can be shipped through insures carries and that the products are insured for the full value.


Reasons to Buy Jewelry from an Online Store

Online shopping is the new thing. You can purchase close to anything at the comfort of your home.  All you need is access to the internet and a smart device then you can simply browse through limitless website on your smart phone, desktop or laptop. You are free to choose from multiple brands and products. Just like other items, you can purchase jewelry online stores. The online jewelry shopping is a growing industry and continues to do well in many parts of the world. There are multiple benefits that come with this type of shopping. 

Here are a few benefits that come with shopping online for jewelry

You get to shop for the latest trends online

In most cases, it is important to know what you want to purchase before you would do it. Most jewelry stores now post their pieces online because there is where the marketing and clients picks up fast.  If you wish to get the perfect or latest jewelry, you will need to look at the latest trends before you do it. While the current trends can be found in fashion and jewelry magazines, not everyone has access to that.  But people do have access to logs and forums on the internet.  Some online stores crate a separate section for the latest trends.

You can actually do some comparisons

After you select the perfect piece of jewelry, you can browse through several shopping stores and compare the different prices and designs. Close to no effort is needed for the comparison.  They also give a detailed description of the products and customization if you would like.

It is very convenient

The convenience of online shopping store has close to zero competition.  You can purchase jewelry anytime from anywhere.  You can do this at the comfort of your home, which makes it better than driving or walking from store to store. Walking to physical stores is tiring and in the end, you might not get what you are truly looking for. You do not have to stay in traffic or hassle for a great parking space to get.

You get a variety of options

Online stores offer a wide range of option when it comes to the jewelry.  You will not have to purchase the jewelry based on limited options in the store.  If you do not find options on one store, you can simply browse and turn to another.

Online discounts and sales

This is one of the biggest advantages of shopping online. You can easily spot the discounts and sales online, which makes your purchases much more affordable.  Some online stores offer exclusive discounts and deals to their frequent buyers. Sellers and email notifications to clients to inform them when they are having discounts and sales on their stores. With physical stores, there is a limited way of knowing.

The payment options

The online stores offer extensive variety of payment options including cash on delivery, credit card, debit cards and other forms of payment options.  Whether you are looking for a jewelry set, anklet or engagement ring online, there are very many options you can pay.


Engagement Ring Buying Guide

You might think that the easiest part of an engagement is getting the ring, but it is not. There are a lot of things you have to go through to get the perfect ring for your girl. You want to make sure that the ring is perfect and will not ruin any moment for both of you. You also want to ensure your partner is giddy with excitement when they see the ring.  This blog should give you the guidance you need to find and choose the perfect engagement ring while getting the most value for your money.

The first step is to decide on the budget

While the first thing people always think about is the thought of the engagement ring, money often plays a huge role when you want to decide which ring to get.  Creating a budget first will allow you to explore the options when it comes to the design of the ring and the characteristics of the gem.

There is no rule about how much you should spend on the ring but always go with prices that makes you and your finances feel comfortable.  If you are set on a certain kind of jewel, you can balance the size and quality of price.  Stones like lab diamonds and other substitutes are budget friendly options that still look great.

Choose the style of the ring

Selecting the ring/stone style is the hardest part of purchasing the engagement ring. The type of clothes and accessories worn by your significant other will guide you through the right type of ring to choose. They will give you clues to whether your better half to be prefers glamorous, classic, And Modern or nature inspired ring types.

Choosing a gemstone

Most classic engagement rings feature a centred diamond, but not everyone is into this type of style. You have to know if your girlfriend loves diamonds or they need something more unique. While statistics shows that close to 90% of the rings bought feature a diamond, and sapphires are second to that, they will not truly determine what your girlfriend ones.  They are both the hardest gemstones meaning they will hold up very well and last your partner a lifetime.

What precious metal are you looking to purchase?

Some of the main choices for engagement rings include Gold, Rose gold, platinum, white gold, and silver.  The most popular among these are the white gold and the platinum but the rose gold is on the rise when it comes to popularity.  White gold and platinum look kind of similar but the platinum is more durable and expensive. Prioritize on the budget before the aesthetic when choosing the precious metal.

Do not forget the ring size This is one of those things many people tend to forget when shopping for an engagement ring. Women do not all wear the same size ring, and not all people understand that. Make sure you have the size of the ring finger before you make the purchase otherwise you will have to make adjustments after the purchase and it will cost you more.


Benefits to Buying Jewelry from a Local Store Instead of Online

Online shopping is becoming more popular every day, with small and large retail brands spending their marketing portions developing websites where they can interact with their clients and sell products online.

The multiple conveniences of online shopping make it a better alternative to visiting jewelry stores in physical outlets and shopping malls. Even with all the benefits, online shopping is not always the best option for everyone, especially if you are looking to purchase items of high value and you rely on credibility and trust. If you are looking to buy an expensive piece of jewelry, you can do it in some local jewelry stores and get the full customer experience without having to compromise on the quality.

The following are some advantages of purchasing jewelry from a local store compared to online stores.

You get the chance to inspect the quality of the jewelry better

You do not really get the opportunity to judge the quality of the jewelry when you are shopping through photos online. You can never be sure if the emerald ring you are purchasing looks exactly like so in person.  Some people might edit the pictures to make the look more pleasing so they can sell better.  There is always a risk that comes with purchasing jewelry online when you do not inspect it in person.  By going to physical stores, you can save your money and reduce the stress of purchasing the jewelry.

Avoid any form of scams

One major disadvantages of shopping online is that you face the risk of getting scammed by the jewelry stores. Some people will sell a fake piece of jewelry at the cost of the original so that they can scam you at a profit.  An exciting moment of purchasing expensive jewelry as a gift or just something for yourself may end up being a hurtful experience online.

To avoid getting scammed, you should go to a reputable local store and get something legitimate that is worth the price. in the store, you get to ask for the details and receive an authentication letter plus a receipt with guaranteed return policies.

You get first hand customer service

While online stores are about fast shopping and convenience, you do not get any attention from the buyer during the search. For most people, looking for jewelry during special occasions requires all the time and attention needed.  At a local store, you get help from a jeweller from the start to the time you will make the purchase.  They will help you make the right purchase, especially if it is a gift and you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth.  The services make it easy for you when you need other services like repair and cleaning.

The custom designs are more efficient It is not easy to get a custom design online. If you have a great idea for a design, it is more convenient to talk to someone at a local jewelry store.  Online stores might offer custom designs on rings and necklaces but not as specific as you might get from a physical store.


A guide to buying jewellery as a gift

Close up of woman hands holding small gift with ribbon. Holidays and celebration concept. Christmas background

Jewelry is the perfect gift when everything is done right. This is because it is personal, timeless and a great way to make a special occasion perfect for your loved one. It can be very difficult to find the right piece because people have different tastes.

Here is a list that will steer you in the right direction when you are trying to find the perfect gift for someone special

Look at their fashion style

This is the fastest way to discover what type of jewelry she likes.  For example, some people tend to layer up small pieces of jewelry like fine chain pendants, stacking rings or wear large statement pieces while other love the more classic and simple looks like the pearl necklaces and diamond earrings.

You have to think about what she really likes and what she would never wear. Look for something in her jewelry collection and her wardrobe so you can understand the type of style she likes. You could tell someone loves something so much when they never take it off.  People’s style and fashion choices are simply expressions of their inner self.  Jewelry and clothing highlight the personality and makes her more comfortable and sexy.

Take the subtle hints

Most females have some jewelry on their wish list, something they hope to have one day. Once you pick up on the hints, you will be in the right direction to getting the right kind of jewelry.  How will you notice the hints?  Keep a close eye to what she likes on TV, magazines and in social media. Find something close to what she or he likes and you will be good to go.

The choice of your precious metal color

The three famous jewelry metal colors are Gold, Rose Gold and silver. Which one does she predominantly wear?  If you are unsure, you could simple enquire without giving it away.  Some people love to mix up their precious metal for a more unique piece While other stick to one color to give it that traditional look.


Engraving is a common way to personalize the jewelry piece.  The piece you want to purchase should have enough space for the message you want to place on it.  Normally, rings can only fit some letters or symbols but necklaces and braces can take up words. Engraving makes the pieces timeless, special and more unique to the person receiving the gift.

What category of jewelry are you buying?

Earrings – this is only if they have their ears pierced.  If you are unsure, do not make the purchase at all. Some people may have their earrings pierced but the earrings are just not their things. Consider the type of earrings, color and stone while shopping for this piece of jewelry. Rings – rings are pretty complicated, in fact you should avoid making this type of purchase if you are going for a gift. If you are looking to purchase an engagement or wedding ring, you need advice from a professional jeweller before you make any final decisions.