Jewelry is the perfect gift when everything is done right. This is because it is personal, timeless and a great way to make a special occasion perfect for your loved one. It can be very difficult to find the right piece because people have different tastes.

Here is a list that will steer you in the right direction when you are trying to find the perfect gift for someone special

Look at their fashion style

This is the fastest way to discover what type of jewelry she likes.  For example, some people tend to layer up small pieces of jewelry like fine chain pendants, stacking rings or wear large statement pieces while other love the more classic and simple looks like the pearl necklaces and diamond earrings.

You have to think about what she really likes and what she would never wear. Look for something in her jewelry collection and her wardrobe so you can understand the type of style she likes. You could tell someone loves something so much when they never take it off.  People’s style and fashion choices are simply expressions of their inner self.  Jewelry and clothing highlight the personality and makes her more comfortable and sexy.

Take the subtle hints

Most females have some jewelry on their wish list, something they hope to have one day. Once you pick up on the hints, you will be in the right direction to getting the right kind of jewelry.  How will you notice the hints?  Keep a close eye to what she likes on TV, magazines and in social media. Find something close to what she or he likes and you will be good to go.

The choice of your precious metal color

The three famous jewelry metal colors are Gold, Rose Gold and silver. Which one does she predominantly wear?  If you are unsure, you could simple enquire without giving it away.  Some people love to mix up their precious metal for a more unique piece While other stick to one color to give it that traditional look.


Engraving is a common way to personalize the jewelry piece.  The piece you want to purchase should have enough space for the message you want to place on it.  Normally, rings can only fit some letters or symbols but necklaces and braces can take up words. Engraving makes the pieces timeless, special and more unique to the person receiving the gift.

What category of jewelry are you buying?

Earrings – this is only if they have their ears pierced.  If you are unsure, do not make the purchase at all. Some people may have their earrings pierced but the earrings are just not their things. Consider the type of earrings, color and stone while shopping for this piece of jewelry.

Rings – rings are pretty complicated, in fact you should avoid making this type of purchase if you are going for a gift. If you are looking to purchase an engagement or wedding ring, you need advice from a professional jeweller before you make any final decisions.