You might think that the easiest part of an engagement is getting the ring, but it is not. There are a lot of things you have to go through to get the perfect ring for your girl. You want to make sure that the ring is perfect and will not ruin any moment for both of you. You also want to ensure your partner is giddy with excitement when they see the ring.  This blog should give you the guidance you need to find and choose the perfect engagement ring while getting the most value for your money.

The first step is to decide on the budget

While the first thing people always think about is the thought of the engagement ring, money often plays a huge role when you want to decide which ring to get.  Creating a budget first will allow you to explore the options when it comes to the design of the ring and the characteristics of the gem.

There is no rule about how much you should spend on the ring but always go with prices that makes you and your finances feel comfortable.  If you are set on a certain kind of jewel, you can balance the size and quality of price.  Stones like lab diamonds and other substitutes are budget friendly options that still look great.

Choose the style of the ring

Selecting the ring/stone style is the hardest part of purchasing the engagement ring. The type of clothes and accessories worn by your significant other will guide you through the right type of ring to choose. They will give you clues to whether your better half to be prefers glamorous, classic, And Modern or nature inspired ring types.

Choosing a gemstone

Most classic engagement rings feature a centred diamond, but not everyone is into this type of style. You have to know if your girlfriend loves diamonds or they need something more unique. While statistics shows that close to 90% of the rings bought feature a diamond, and sapphires are second to that, they will not truly determine what your girlfriend ones.  They are both the hardest gemstones meaning they will hold up very well and last your partner a lifetime.

What precious metal are you looking to purchase?

Some of the main choices for engagement rings include Gold, Rose gold, platinum, white gold, and silver.  The most popular among these are the white gold and the platinum but the rose gold is on the rise when it comes to popularity.  White gold and platinum look kind of similar but the platinum is more durable and expensive. Prioritize on the budget before the aesthetic when choosing the precious metal.

Do not forget the ring size

This is one of those things many people tend to forget when shopping for an engagement ring. Women do not all wear the same size ring, and not all people understand that. Make sure you have the size of the ring finger before you make the purchase otherwise you will have to make adjustments after the purchase and it will cost you more.